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Sex Addiction: Treatment
Our practice offers comprehensive treatment and support for the addicted individual, the partner or spouse, couple and family relationships, and children. As Dr. Dec, Laura Lucas-Silvis, and Cynthia Reetz are Certified Sexual Addictions Therapists (CSAT), we offer comprehensive support for all aspects of the recovery process in a supportive, convenient, and coordinated setting. From discovery of the addiction and therapeutic disclosure of the addictive history through all aspects of recovery, we can tailor a treatment program for the addicted individual, couple, and family. 

Treatment intensity is tailored to the needs of the individual, ranging from weekly individual counseling when initial sobriety has been initiated, through daily intensive outpatient individual and group counseling for those individuals struggling to attain initial sobriety.

Effective treatment of sex addiction must begin with correct and comprehensive assessment to determine the origin of acting-out behaviors. Addictive processes must be assessed, and other conditions that may contribute to acting-out behavior must be ruled out. Dr. Dec and Associates utilize a comprehensive combination of clinical interview and objective methods to determine the presence of sex addiction.

Once a diagnosis of sex addiction is confirmed, Dr. Dec and Associates offers one of the most comprehensive outpatient treatment programs in the Chicagoland area. Dr. Dec, Laura Lucas-Silvis, and Cynthia Reetz are certified in treating sexual addiction based upon the task-centered approach of Dr. Patrick Carnes. Our comprehensive treatment program incorporates task-centered support toward recovery for the addicted individual, the partner or spouse, the couple, and children, as all aspects of the family can be affected by sex addiction. To ensure the most comprehensive and effective treatment, we offer individual, group, couple, and family therapy. As we have three Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) on staff, we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive and coordinated treatment experiences available in the Chicago area.

For the addicted individual, outpatient treatment options are tailored to the situation and include:
Individual and/or group counseling to complete the tasks of recovery, including breaking through denial, understanding the addictive cycle, repairing the damage of acting out behavior, relapse prevention, and engaging a community of support.

When a relationship has been affected but remains intact, the rebuilding of trust remains a significant priority, and accountability measures may be put into place. These can include a very carefully-conducted therapetic disclosure with a partner or spouse and agreements for transparency and accountability to rebuild trust.
In ensuring the best probability of ongoing sobriety and recovery, involvement in a 12-step program is strongly encouraged.

All aspects of Dr. Patrick Carnes' task-centered approach are followed, including the use of the Recovery Start Kit when indicated.

When more intensive inpatient or residential treatment is indicated, we partner with all local and national intensive inpatient and residential treatment programs.

For the partner or spouse, support is available for recovery from the trauma aspects of the acting out, and include:
  • Individual and/or group counseling to understand and recover from the trauma of the addictive experience. Support is available to address hypervigilence, emotional reactivity, emotional disengagement and detachment in relationships, and re-experiencing of the trauma-based emotions through triggering situations.
  • Encouragement to participate in a 12-step support program.

For the couple, support is available, including:
  • Couples' counseling to re-establish trust and intimacy that become compromised by acting-out behavior.

For children and families affected by sex addiction, support is available, including:
  • Individual and/or family therapy
  • Guided disclosure to children as appropriate.
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If your recovery needs an accelerated start, please consider one of our Intensive Treatment Options.

We can tailor an Intensive to meet your specific needs and get you started in the right direction.
The Dog House Question
A Workshop Series on Relationship Repair

We have an upcoming and exciting new workshop to address relational damage that results from sex addiction and

Betrayed partners often experience abandonment in addition to betrayal,
known as relationship trauma, with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

You will learn common partner triggers and how to respond with an empathic transfer of vigilance. We will examine how the attachment bond is ruptured, and steps that need to be taken to restore connection, trust, and intimacy.

We will address issues of presence, engagement, non-defensive listening,
validation, and taking full responsibility. We will explore ways to cultivate compassion
and empathy, and demonstrate regret and remorse.

This workshop will include psycho-education, group sharing, demonstration, and
practice. Individuals and couples are welcome. It is open to recovering individuals and
partners. You are encouraged to attend the entire series to maximize learning
and safety in sharing.


Dates: Saturdays, April 7, April 21, May 5, May 19, 2018
Time: 10:30am-12:30pm
Cost: Please inquire.
Facilitator: Laura Lucas-Silvis MS, LPC, CSAT
Location: Gary Dec and Associates
2150 Manchester Rd., Suite 110, Wheaton IL
Please call 630-752-9874 to register or for more information. Laura, at ext. 2, will respond to your questions.

Please see below for a description of our upcoming workshop on relationship repair following sex addiction.